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Fluff Liquid Detergent – Front Load

If you find yourself troubled by worn out clothes every couple of months, chances are that your detergent is to blame! Most detergents are highly alkaline. As a result, they do more than just clean your clothes, often ripping fabric and even dulling them over time. Moreover, they can cause excessive foaming driving down your machine's performance. IFB Fluff Liquid Detergent, is designed to be a low foaming liquid detergent to protect your machine and give your clothes the right kind of treatment for a clean wash. IFB Fluff Liquid detergent works on clothes to prevent damage and keep them soft and sparkling for a long time, all without leaving any traces behind.
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For a full wash load (6 kg) of normal fabrics add 40 ml of Fluff in the detergent dispensing tray. For delicate fabrics add only 20 ml.

For a half wash load (3 kg) of normal fabrics add 20 ml. For delicate fabrics add only 10 ml.

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