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Descal (100gm) - Front Load Only

Your washing machine drum tends to harbour scaling deposits over time due to the metal compounds, such as magnesium and calcium found in water, and this bring down its efficiency and longevity. Now, getting rid of these deposits is as easy as it can get with IFB Descal. It acts instantly on stubborn scale deposits wiping them out, cleaning your machine so that it runs efficiently to give you fresh and clean clothes, every single time! What's more, it is 100% biodegradable and can be used to clean other appliances like electric kettles, steam irons, coffee makers and even for taps and shower heads.
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EMI option is available


Put a packet of Descal in the machine drum, once every 3 months. Keep the water temperature at 40° C. Run a full wash cycle on an empty drum.

For other appliances please refer to the instruction manual supplied with the appliance.

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