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Autodish Salt (1 kg)

Living in hard water areas can be troublesome because of the deposits left behind on your utensils and in your appliances. The metal compounds from the water reduce the life of your dishwasher, drive up detergent and power consumption as well, and leave your utensils looking dirty. IFB Autodish Salt is the perfect answer for cleaning these stuck-on scale deposits. What's more is that it is an environment friendly salt. Use it regularly, so that your dishwasher remains corrosion-free and your detergent usage is optimised to help you save more.
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Fill the softening unit of the dishwasher with one glass of water followed by 2 kg salt. Mix well. This will last up to 45 washes.

Caution: Never use ordinary salts as it contain insoluble elements that can damage the water softening unit.

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