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Autodish Detergent (1 kg)

If you're looking to take on the stubborn residue from all that hard water, IFB Autodish Detergent is the perfect solution. It will cut right through those tough stains that plague your utensils. IFB Autodish Detergent works well with all kinds of automatic dishwashers giving you spotlessly clean and sparkling, crockery and cutlery. And if you're keen on going green, the Autodish detergent with its bio-degradable quality will serve those needs too.
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EMI option is available


Rinse off food residues from dishes and place them so that their soiled surfaces face the water spray.

Fill the dishwasher dispenser with 25 gm of Autodish for a full load and 15 gm for a half load. Use a little extra Autodish in case of hard water.

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