Split AC

  • 4-Way Cooling

    The fully controlled vertical and horizontal deflectors of the 4-Way Cooling system helps in cooling the room evenly..

  • 6 Stage Filtration

    Breathe pure, healthy and Vitamin-rich air. Polluted air passes through six filters such as Vitamin Enriching Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Dust Filter, Nano Filter, Anti Bacterial Filter, and Catechin Filter..

  • DC Inverter Technology

    Save power by up to 30% without compromising on the cooling or heating. .

  • Eco Mode

    Save energy while being in comfort. Your AC moderates the temperature by up to 2 degree Centigrade of the set temperature to keep you comfortable while saving money..

  • Health Ionizer

    Breathe in health. The Health Ionizer device generates positive ion clusters that remove dust, pollen, spores and other microscopic allergens. Welcome home to an allergy-free world..

  • High AIr Flow

    Small or large, get faster and even cooling in every corner of the room. The powerful compressor delivers strong air flow reaching 10 metres at speeds of 2.3 metres/second..

  • Kids Graphic Panels

    Your kids will love the attention to detail with interchangeable kid-themed panels for your AC..

  • Titan-Gold

    No more hassles of cleaning your AC. Our patented Titanium Dioxide Technology ensures dirt and moisture slip of smoothly preventing breeding of harmful bacteria and fungi and increasing longevity of the AC..

IFB Air Conditioners

Designed to enhance your lifestyle, IFB's Air Conditioners presents you a wide range of split and DC Inverter Air Conditioners to suit every kind of living or office space be it small, medium or large in area. And most importantly your budget.Especially with DC Air Conditioners which helps you save as much as 40% on energy.

With patented Titan Gold technology, you can sleep in comfort with the knowledge that your ACs will keep running for a long time courtesy gold-coated filters that keeps dust and other particles at bay. The 6-Stage Filtration ensures that you have pure and healthy air all through the year. Powerful Compressors means that your room cools fasters and high air flow will put a smile on you face no matter the temperature. And when you have features such as 4-Way Swing, Sleep Mode, Moisture Removal and Health Ioniser, you don't have to look elsewhere for an AC.

The fact that IFB’s the only brand to give you FREE installation for your Air Conditioner 365 days a year with a wide service network across the country makes it all the more endearing.

Buy IFB Air Conditioners online to breathe in pure, healthy air all through the year.

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