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Make fresh, healthy air an everyday affair. With IFB range of Split Air Conditioners, bask in the luxury of clean, odour-free air. What’s more, our patented Titanium Gold technology ensures that the air conditioner cleans itself, which means you enjoy fresh air, day after day, for longer. Top this off with 6-Stage Filtration to give you the safest, purest, air for you and your family.

How can this help me?

  • Titanium Gold technology traps dust in the air conditioner’s evaporator, letting it slip off, instead of accumulating and causing the machine to become inefficient.
  • The High Air Flow and 4-Way Cooling of IFB Air Conditioners make sure that cool air reaches every corner of your room, large or small.
  • The 6-Stage Filtration removes every sort of dust particle, micro-organism and allergen to create a healthy environment at home.
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DC Inverter ACs

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Get the best, most advanced air conditioners, that give you healthy, clean air throughout the year. All while saving you both power and money.

How can this help me?

  • DC Inverter air conditioners reach the desired temperature faster and maintain it without fluctuation, thus increasing efficiency and savings by about 67%.
  • Whatever the season, for cooling in summer or heating in winter, IFB DC Inverter Air Conditioners ensure a perfect temperature throughout the year.
  • Say goodbye to allergies. The 6-Stage Filtration helps remove removes even the most microscopic particles such as pollen, spores and allergens, keeping you and your family healthy.
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