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This summer, bring the temperature down with the new range of IFB Split Air Conditioners. Silent and powerful, the new Air Conditioners get to work faster, courtesy the Super Heavy Duty Compressor and Powerful Blower Fan. The Titan Gold Evaporator Fins make sure that you breathe in fresh air while you relax even in the hottest summer months, without breaking a sweat.

How can this help me?

  • The Super Heavy Duty Compressor cools your environs faster, even in extreme heat conditions up to 54 degree Celsius
  • The Powerful Blower Fan in combination with Aerodynamic 360-degree Airflow design ensure smooth air movement resulting in faster cooling
  • Titan Gold Evaporator Fins doesn’t leave any room for dirt or moisture. And no dirt means faster cooling. This also makes IFB Air Conditioners bacteria-free and you breathe only the purest and healthiest of air
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DC Inverter ACs

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Summers will be cooler and the coldest of winter months will be warmer. All thanks to the new range of IFB DC Inverter Air Conditioners. Easy on the eye, DC Inverter Air Conditioners maintain a steady cool temperature without the compressor starting and stopping constantly, thus saving energy and keeping your bills down. The new range boasts of powerful features including Copper Condenser, Heat Pump, and R410a refrigerant gas.

How can this help me?

  • Copper Condenser - 100% copper piping ensures high machine efficiency for faster cooling and worry-free operations
  • Heat pump keeps your room warmer even in the harshest of winter months. The heat pump also gives many of the DC Inverter Air Conditioners the ‘all-weather’ tag
  • R410a refrigerant gas used in the DC Inverter Air Conditioners makes sure your environs cool faster without harming the environment
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