Top Loading Washing Machine

  • Auto Softener Dispenser

    A specially designed compartment allows you to add softener before you start the wash..

  • Liquid Detergent Dispenser

    The additional provision in the detergent dispensing compartment allows you to add liquid detergent as well to wash your laundry..

  • My Wash

    Running late? Simply schedule a shorter wash cycle. The My Wash feature helps you customize the wash as per your needs and schedule..

  • Pebble Drum

    Give delicate fabrics such as silk and wool the perfect wash. The pebbles in the drum prevents damages while the unique shape prevents clothes from getting entangled..

  • Programme follower

    An intelligent display with light indicators lets you know the current wash cycle - wash, rinse, spin along with the total program time..

  • See-Through Lid

    Check your wash cycle without hampering it..

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