Front Loading Washing Machine

  • Aqua Energie

    Our built-in Aqua Filter breaks down the hard water resulting in water that is soft and easy for your detergent to dissolve..

  • Steam Wash System

    Your IFB uses steam to penetrate the smallest folds and removes the tiniest dirt particles from your fabric..

  • Eco Wash

    To ensure that your wash is as thorough as it is efficient, the machine uses a special programme that uses optimum energy and water. Keeping it clean, all around..

  • Crescent Moon Drum

    Your clothes are precious. Our unique Crescent Moon Drum prevents your clothes from hitting the steel drum. So that you get them back in the same shape as you put them in..

  • 3D Wash System

    Our 3D Wash System uses nozzles to circulate the water dissolving the detergent and pushing the solution deeper into your clothes, giving you the cleanest and freshest wash..

  • Add Laundry

    Missed out on your favourite shirt? This machine lets you add laundry even after wash cycle has started..

  • Protective Rat Mesh

    An additional cover at the bottom of the machine protects against possible damage caused by rodents..

  • Anti-crease

    The drum gently rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise ensuring that your clothes are not tangled resulting in a crease-free wash..

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