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Whether it is the ability to handle heavy loads with great efficiency, the state-of-the-art technology, or the stylish design, IFB front-loading washing machines are perfect for the family. So go ahead and do more with your time while we do your laundry.

How can this help me?

  • Features such as the Steam Wash, Nano Silver Wash, 3D Wash System and Aqua Energie ensure that you get the best wash and longer machine life.
  • The uniquely shaped Crescent Moon Drum preserves your clothes, which means a great wash for your clothes minus the wear and tear.
  • Stack your detergents and additives on top of the machine without worrying about moving them each time you start a wash. Also, cut back on water usage while you give your clothes a great wash.
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Top Loading

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IFB Top Loaders combine ease-of-use, and convenience with great design and advanced technology to deliver you impeccable wash quality and peace of mind every time.

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  • Our top loaders come with the 7-Stage Wash Cycle along with an Aqua Spa feature.
  • They are lightweight, portable, and can be stored easily. Ease of loading and unloading means easy, pain-free washes for you.
  • Those special jeans? Simply select the Jeans option and wash them clean. With the My Wash feature, custom wash as per your schedule and convenience.
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Clothes Dryers

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With IFB 100% Clothes Dryers, 2 hours is all you need to get fresh, hygienic, odour-free clothes. Come rain or shine.

How can this help me?

  • With IFB 100% Clothes Dryers, be rest assured that your clothes will not fade after repeated use. The dryers also ensure you get germ free fragrant clothes in every season.
  • We care for your clothes. IFB 100% Clothes Dryers ensures you crease-less clothes that give you that perfect look. Every day.
  • Space crunch? Mount your IFB 100% Clothes Dryer on the wall or even mount it upside-down on your front-loader!
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